CMS Version 2.0 Premieres

Website Management Software


In The Round released version 2.0 of its website management software in early May 2009. As a part of our ongoing efforts to bring our clients continual improvements in online services, the CMS upgrade sports a completely redesigned user interface and many new features.

All existing hosting clients have been automatically upgraded to version 2.0.

User-friendly interface:

  • intuitive navigation
  • easy-to-use buttons
  • departmental page grouping
  • online user's guide

Page Editing Module select features:

  • Embedded Google Analytics
  • Page Content Layout Templates
  • Improved Spell Checker
  • Improved Source Code View
  • Full Screen Editor
  • Insert Flash Tool
  • Insert Microsoft Office Documents Tool
  • Insert YouTube Video Clips Tool
  • Custom Google Maps Tool
  • Image Maps Tool
  • Page Publishing Permissions
  • Email Address Protection

Other new and improved modules:

  • Page Editing Module
  • E-newsletter Module
  • E-vite Module
  • Online Calendar Module
  • Site Search Module
  • Form Management Module
  • Sitewide Breaking News Module
  • Flash Flipbook Module

For more information, call our office at 330-430-9096.


ITR CMS version 2.0